Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mothapalooza! Better hurry...

A Large Tolype (To-lip-ee), Tolype velleda, looking somewhat like a cross between a malamute and a bighorn sheep. The wide world of moths is endlessly fascinating, and full of exquisite creatures such as this tolype.

I was conferring today with Mary Ann Barnett today, who serves (quite well!) as CEO of Mothapalooza. CLICK HERE for a post I recently made about this event, and HERE to go to the event's website.

We opened Mothapalooza for registration about a week ago, and have already filled 84 of the 120 available spots. As anyone who gets involved in conference organization knows, this is an enviable spot to be in, especially as the event doesn't take place until the end of June. I must confess to being a bit surprised by this moth fervor. When we cooked up Mothapalooza I, which took place last year, and it attracted 120+ people, we all were a bit shell-shocked. But because of that experience, we weren't too surprised to see how rapidly Mothapalooza II is filling.

Anyway, I make this post as a reminder to sign on soon if you wish to make the scene. It'll be an awesome time, I guarantee you that. REGISTRATION IS HERE.

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