Friday, November 1, 2019

Balanced Rock

This is "Balanced Rock", an interesting sandstone structure in Hocking State Forest. Softer rock comprising the lower portion of the pillar has eroded more rapidly than the cap at the top, creating this geological mushroom.

I had long heard of this amazing rock, but it wasn't until this morning that I hoofed it back to where it stands. It's a bit off the beaten track, but isn't particularly hard to reach and involves - if you took my somewhat circuitous route - about two miles, round trip. There are some other interesting sandstone features along the way, and plenty of nice scenery, as is nearly always the case in the Hocking Hills.

Today was our first truly cool morning, and I loved it. The temp when I first got out of my vehicle around dawn was around 32 F. I don't think it ever eclipsed 40 F while I was down there, and that was fine by me. We've crossed over into late fall, and winter will soon arrive.


Ian Adams said...


Glad to see that you visited Balanced Rock (aka Big Pine Pillar). It's my favorite rock pedestal in Ohio, and I used a photo taken close to yours as the cover image for my book, "A Photographer's Guide to Ohio - Volume 2". As you mentioned, there are many other interesting rock features on the cliffs nearby, and some equally photogenic birch tree roots nearby.

I hope your Upper Peninsula workshop went well. I was in the same area in early October, and enjoyed the good weather and excellent fall color.

Have a good fall, and keep up your great work around Ohio!

Ian Adams

Jim McCormac said...

Here's more info about Ian's excellent book, and how to order:’s+Guide+to+Ohio%3A+Volume+2

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