Monday, March 15, 2021

Ohio Botanical Symposium: March 26

The 16th Ohio Botanical Symposium takes place on Friday, March 26, and all are welcome. It's via Zoom - as so many events are over the past year. The best part about this is it's free, and WAY more people can attend. The normal in-person venue in Columbus only holds about 400 people, and the symposium always sells out and fills quickly. But a virtual meeting can be far larger, so all are welcome to tune in.

Talks are varied and interesting. Subjects include rare plant conservation, famed Cincinnati botanist Lucy Braun, shifts in blooming periods related to climate change, and the ever-popular best rare plant finds of the past two years. I am giving a talk about the role of flora in growing caterpillars, and ultimately birds.

Please register if any of this strikes your fancy - we'd love to have you. All details are RIGHT HERE.

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