Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Photo Exhibition and Talk: Brukner Nature Center, March 29

A stunning Baltimore oriole forages in a flowering chokecherry, singing as he snatches insects.

I embark on a second photo exhibition on Thursday, March 29, and this one is at the Brukner Nature Center near Troy, Ohio. I'm giving a talk there that evening, on the biodiversity of Ohio. You can be sure that the program will feature much in the way of fascinating flora and fauna, just as the photo exhibit will.

Information about Brukner Nature Center IS HERE, and the calendar has more specifics on the talk.

A trio of showy lady's-slipper flowers provides colorful punctuation to the somber hues of sedges in a fen meadow.

I've probably got more printed photos than Brukner's walls will hold, but the images in this post are just a few of the ones that will be hung. And I should note, all will be for sale. There will be images from at least six or seven states, and Canada.

Following are a few more examples of photographs that will be featured. If you can make it over on March 29, that would be great - I'll look forward to seeing you!

An orange sunset lights up crashing waves during a November gale on Lake Erie. As always, click the photo to enlarge.

A stunning male Luna moth, fresh as can be. These giant silkmoths look aged and tattered within a week, and their life span is not much longer than that.

Six red-eared slider queue up on a log, perhaps admiring their reflection in the waters below. The turtles were photographed in southern Indiana, which is part of their indigenous range.


FTSoft said...

I attended the Brukner event and enjoyed it. Thanks. I really liked your flush mounting of prints. Do you do this yourself or have it done? I would like to try this with my own prints. Thanks

Jim McCormac said...

Thank you, and thanks for coming! I have my images printed through White House Custom Colour:

I have them mounted on 1/4" foamboard, and they do a great job.

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