Thursday, March 1, 2018

Early spring wildflower photo workshop: March 23 - 25

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While March is roaring in like a lion here in central Ohio, Old Man Winter is in his death throes and spring is charging north at breakneck speed. The very earliest spring wildflowers have already started in southernmost Ohio, but it's a botanical trickle compared to what the flowers will be like down there in a few weeks.

Debbie DiCarlo and I are doing another photo workshop from March 23-25, this one focusing on wildflowers. During the course of our foray, I expect we'll see many other interesting things - maybe even one of those red bats from my last blog post. We're sure to have fun, and learn a lot. If you are interested, please CLICK HERE for all of the information and registration info. We'd love to have you along!


Unknown said...

Jim, When I click the link, it goes to not an info page on the workshop.
Thanks - Christie Holmes

Jim McCormac said...

Thanks Christine - fixed!

Anonymous said...

Jim- My husband and I are long time readers and wanted to thank you for today's article in the Dispatch about the Division of Natural Areas and Preserves. We also share a common favorite spot- Algonquin Provincial Park, and have been friends of the park for close to 30 years. You probably wouldn't remember me but I knew you when I worked at DNR. Thank you again for your inspiring writing.
-Kyme Rennick

Jim McCormac said...

Thanks for the comment, Kyme, and sure I remember you! I'm glad you read the column, and thanks for the feedback on the DNAP piece - hope it generates some donations!

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