Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wildlife Diversity Conference - March 7!

Wednesday, March 7th marks the date of the 28th annual Wildlife Diversity Conference, and you won't want to miss it. This conference started in a small way, with 40 enthusiasts coming together to learn more about Ohio's wild critters. Last year, there were nearly 1,000 attendees. Sponsored by the Ohio Division of Wildlife, the Wildlife Diversity Conference brings together not only a diversity of natural history topics that are presented by leading experts, but the event attracts a great blend of people who share an interest in the natural world. The array of vendors and displays is staggering, and worth the price of admission alone. You'll depart with a bagful of cool free swag.

The conference always has a theme, and this year it is "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" (with apologies to Senor Eastwood). Subjects this year include freshwater mussels, earthworms, the results of a landmark two-year Lake Erie aerial waterbird survey, crayfish, wetland restoration, and three of my favorite mammals: fisher, beaver and porcupine.

As an added bonus, the brand spanking new 2012 Ohio Wildlife Legacy Stamp (OWLS) will be on sale. It features an image of one of our coolest amphibians, the spotted salamander. Some of you who read this blog will be familiar with the photographer whose stunning photo is depicted on the stamp: Nina Harfmann. I happen to know that Nina will be in the house that day, and you should stop by her table and meet her. Read more about the OWLS stamp HERE.

The conference venue is the capacious and easily accessed Aladdin Shrine Center on Columbus' northeast side. For complete conference information and registration, CLICK HERE. Hope to see you there!


Wren nests in... said...

Apparently I live in the wrong state... You have all the fun conferences out there!!! *pout*

Nomadic Birder said...

I've been planning on attending for several years now but finally have the time. See you there!

nina said...

I've had this day marked with stars on my calendar for quite a while and it's exciting to be able to finally count the days 'til we all emerge from winter hibernation!
Such a fantastic gathering of individuals and, yes, the OWLStamp! Could it get any better than that!?
See you SOON!

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