Monday, September 27, 2010

Incredible avian aeronautics!

You've absolutely got to see the following video. Anyone who knows birds well knows that Peregrine Falcons are amongst the most amazing flying machines on Planet Earth. Capable of 150 mph+ dives, lightning quick directional changes, and generating G-forces that would cause a fighter pilot to black out, Peregrines are nothing short of amazing.

But so are Northern Goshawks, in their own way. These feathered barbarians are, ounce for ounce, the Ultimate Fighters of the bird world. Few animals of any kind are fiercer, a quality recognized by Attila the Hun who emmblazoned the Goshawk's likeness on his war helmet. The ability of Goshawks to maneuver at high speed through dense cover is remarkable.

The following video comes courtesy of the BBC, and gives the viewer an incredible bird's-eye view of these fabulous predators.


Jason Kessler said...

Amazing video. The Goshawk's ability to fly through such tight spaces is astounding.

In this video, a Pergrine is clocked at 242 mph in a stooped dive:

pambirds said...

An awesome video letting us fly through the bird's eyes. The Goshawk's flight skills are incredible!

Unknown said...

Wow! Truly amazing, and I actually felt a little dizzy by the end of this 3-minute gem! Thanks for sharing, Jim!

Jim McCormac said...

Another very cool vid, Jason - thanks for sharing it!



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