Wednesday, September 29, 2010

All about owls

Tiny but furious, a Northern Saw-whet Owl makes his feelings known. "Be off, you dumb blithering human", he seems to be saying.

For anyone in the vicinity of Lima - not Peru, Ohio! - next Tuesday night, October 5th, I'll be giving a program about owls at the Tri-Moraine Audubon Society meeting. It's a PowerPoint with lots of cool images and audio, starring all of the nocturnal hooters that visit the Buckeye State, plus some others.

The group surprised me by whipping up this cool poster, and it has all of the necessary factoids should you wish to drop by.

Sleepy Barred Owl dozes in a gnarly Swamp White Oak.

Owls. An appropriate subject for the Halloween season.


pambirds said...

That little imp of an owl is adorable! Jim, have you been pumping iron??

Anonymous said...

Beautiful birds. I love owls but sadly have not seen one around here in many years.


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