Saturday, May 4, 2013

Kentucky Warbler

Kentucky Warbler, Geothlypis formosa, Cotton Hill, Fayette County, West Virginia. Our party had several of these gorgeous lemon-yellow wood-warblers in rich wooded mountain slopes.

This bird's specific epithet, formosa, means "beautiful", and that's an apropos descripter for this stunning songbird. Kentucky Warblers are far easier to hear than see. The male's rather husky chanting song - churee, churee, churee - is often delivered from dense cover. When finally, after much searching, one decides to show itself, the effort to find it is well rewarded.

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A.L. Gibson said...

I fondly remember at last year's Flora-Quest when I co-lead with Greg Miller and saw one of these for the first time in Shawnee. beautiful birds indeed and I dare say Greg was the lucky charm that day for all the other amazing birds we saw.