Wednesday, June 17, 2020

White-tailed deer fawn, at 24 days

This fawn was born in my backyard on or very near May 23, so it's around 24 days at this point. This photo is from this morning. The doe brings it in frequently. They enjoy noshing on the day lilies, which is just fine by me.

It's been fun to watch the rapid development of this young deer. HERE IS a post from the day I found it, when the fawn was newly born and helpless. THIS POST is from the day after I found the fawn, and he/she is already walking, albeit clumsily and in very short bursts.

To cater to the little fellow, I had let the back half of the backyard grow into a bit of jungle. Lest the neighbors sic the city on me, I finally mowed it all down a few days ago. Not a problem, the deer seem to be doing just fine.

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