Friday, August 5, 2011

Those eyes

While strolling a woodland path recently, I couldn't but help to notice some horseflies in the genus Tabanus. Occasionally one would swirl around and attempt to bite one of my appendages but for the most part, the flies that I saw were laying low, perched on the dirt path.

Most people probably never bother to stop and take a CLOSE look at one of these creatures. They're too busy swatting and flailing about in an attempt to get the bug to leave them alone. Can't say I blame 'em; the saw-toothed proboscis of one of these biters HURTS as it rasps its way into your bloodstream. But there is one feature of the horsefly - many other flies for that matter - that is undeniably cool but seldom seen.

Their eyes.

So, to bring you the rest of the story, I got down in the dirt with the fly above, who was amazingly cooperative, and rammed the macro lens into its face.


Pat Ernst said...

Great shot Jim!

Anonymous said...

I admired the eyes of one a few days ago too. Right before I fed it to my hungry Pumpkinseed...
Very cool though, the iridescent band across the middle makes them look like they're wearing LeForge's visor from Star Trek.

Jim McCormac said...

Thanks, guys, and it sounds like a good use for horseflies - feeding colorful sunfish!

Heather said...

Wow, Jim - that is super cool. Glad you got that macro lens!