Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Your blogger, with large snake

Photo: Kristen Beck

Today marked the 30th anniversary of the Ohio Wildlife Diversity Conference, which is one of the largest one-day natural history conferences in the country. Nine hundred and thirty people pre-registered, and there are always a number of walk-ins. I didn't hear what the final count was, but it may have eclipsed the previous record of 955 people. Of course, Ohio or at least the northern parts of the state got pounded for the umpteenth time by snow and winter storms today, and that kept some of the northern tundra people from making it down.

I don't know the date of next year's event yet, but it'll most likely be the 2nd Wednesday in March, as usual. You'll really want to try and make it. The conference always has an interesting agenda of great speakers and topics, and today was no exception. Congrats to the organizer, the Ohio Division of Wildlife, and everyone who makes the conference happen.

Doug Wynn was there with his snake exhibit, including the tubed up but very much alive and healthy Timber Rattlesnake being held by your narrator. No one does more to promote snakes in the positive light that they richly deserve than Doug, and people are crowded around him all day long. Thanks to Kristen Beck for the photo.

I'm sitting on the usual gold mine of COOL STUFF to post about, but speaking gigs, writing deadlines, and this, that, and the other thing have slowed my progress in the blogosphere. More to follow...

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the Native Plant Neophyte said...

Lamenting from the northern tundra part of the state, I'm sad I missed this conference. Already put on the calendar for next year. And thanks Jim, for the wonderful presentation at Bowling Green last week. We always welcome you dipping your toes into the natural wonders of Northwest Ohio. - Hal

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