Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cool Altocumulus Clouds

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of getting afield with Joe Faulkner and Vicki Derr. They gave me a tour of the Rehoboth Reclamation Grasslands in Perry County. This massive strip mine complex is an interesting place, and already producing interesting bird life. I've got a lot of photos from our journey, and will hope to cobble together a piece when time permits.

At one point, we dropped into a valley full of wetlands, and got out to check for Swamp Sparrows and whatever else might be around. After a bit of searching, I turned the other direction, and Whoa! The sky was ribbed with a fantastic formation of clouds, as if a giant pinwheel was centered on some distant point and slowly revolving through the sky. It was a striking atmospheric spectacle, and I tried to capture the clouds with my camera.

As always, click the photo to enlarge

These, apparently, are classified as Altocumulus Clouds. They typically form between 7,000 to 20,000 feet, and can take on the look of rolling uniform layers, such as in this formation. It was a stunning skyscape, to be sure.

I'm glad we bumbled under these clouds. It's easy to get too busy to take time to appreciate - or notice - magnificent spectacles such as this.

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Wren nests in... said...

It also goes to prove that it pays to Look Up every now and then! :-)

Lovely sky; good shot.

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