Sunday, September 13, 2020

Concretions, galore

Hundreds of concretions litter the stream bed of Deer Creek in Pickaway County, Ohio. These concretions are composed of siderite, a type of iron carbonate, and many are massive. Over the eons, they have eroded from the much softer Devonian Shale. Shale cliffs line the western bank of the stream. The overall effect is quite dramatic and more than a touch surreal. It's like an army of rock blobs marching down the stream. I hope to get back here near the peak of fall color for more photography. Yesterday morning.


Buff Rodman said...

Fascinating stuff! And a great photo.
If this is on public land, could you share the location?

Jim McCormac said...

Thanks! This site is at the Metzger Preserve on the south side of Williamsport. It’s a Pickaway County Park District park. A short walk downstream from the parking lot and you’ll see the concretions. Low water only. The site is easily Googled up.

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