Monday, April 27, 2015

Migration erupts

Cerulean Warbler, one of many in Shawnee State Forest, Scioto County, Ohio, last Saturday. The Ohio Ornithological Society held their annual conference at Shawnee over the weekend, and we found lots of Neotropical birds back for the breeding season. Numbers and diversity of migrant songbirds will steadily increase, reaching a crescendo in the second week of May.

Grab those binoculars and get afield!


Sue said...

Boy, he's a looker! Gorgeous!
I've never seen one in "real life".

Anonymous said...

I have heard that these birds occupy the very tops of deciduous trees, which may be why they are somewhat difficult to find.

I have only seen a few yellow-rumped warblers so far this spring. The broad-winged hawks, which usually return around April 15, seemed to be a week or two late this year.

Note: I do know that Cerulean Warblers have been spotted in the Cuyahoga Valley/Brecksville Reservation during the spring birdwalks that begin at Station Road Bridge. The leader of the walk knows how to find them.

Ken Andrews
Maple Heights, Ohio