Thursday, April 9, 2015

David Sibley comes to Ohio!

Hands down, the most popular guide to American birds, by the best known contemporary birder/ornithologist in the Americas, David Sibley.

Mr. Sibley is coming to Ohio, and you won't want to miss the occasion. On Saturday, May 2, the Ohio Chapter of The Nature Conservancy is hosting a grand opening celebration of their new Grand River Conservation Campus in Ashtabula County. Guest of honor? The one and only David Sibley, who will give a talk at 11 am.

Excellent riparian forests, a hemlock swamp, and other interesting habitats are in the immediate proximity of the event, and being that it'll be early May, birds should abound. This is a great opportunity to meet Sibley, see firsthand some of the excellent work that The Nature Conservancy has been doing, and get in some great birding. CLICK HERE for all of the details.

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