Monday, June 18, 2012

Bobolinks at Byers Woods

Bobolinks are perhaps our coolest, most interesting blackbird. Everything about them is fascinating, from the bubbly R2-D2 songs of courting males to the incredibly long migrations that this black, gold, and white songbird undertakes twice annually. I wrote a brief essay about Robert of Lincoln a while back; you can see it HERE.

Now's your chance to go see some of these songsters in the flesh, in the company of other enthusiasts, and with many other entertainments available should you become sated with Bobolinks. This Saturday is the annual "Bobolinks at Byers Woods" event, hosted by the Greater Mohican Audubon Society. Bobolinks shun woods, of course, but much of Byers Woods is grassland, which the Bobos share with other grassland birds such as Grasshopper and Savannah sparrows. You'll probably rack up a pretty good list at this site, actually, and experts will be on hand to help you find things.

So, plan on visiting scenic Ashland County this Saturday, June 23rd, and basking in the aura of extroverted Bobolinks doing their thing. The spectacle just can't be beat! All of the details about Bobolinks at Byers Woods are RIGHT HERE!

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Sharkbytes said...

I just saw bobolinks here yesterday. First time I've seen them since 1988! Of course, I'm not a great birder, but I love them!