Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Northern Michigan

Kirtland's Warbler, male, northern Michigan, today.

I'm up in Presque Isle County, in the northeastern corner of Michigan's lower peninsula. This is a truly magical place, and in two days we've seen 110 species of birds, and many other cool animals. In a nocturnal foray this evening, we surprised a big porcupine, and I've got some great photos of that prickly beast.

We've also got out own private stash of Kirtland's Warblers, and these big sluggish warblers are ridicuously tame.

Much more to come, including lots of interesting photos. Not much time to blog, though, but I'll try to toss some tidbits out there over the next week...

1 comment:

Tom Arbour said...

Sweet Pic Jim. I got to see and photograph the Kinnear Rd. Kirtlands- it was the first time I had seen one. And I two was quite surprised by how big that one was, and how tame it behaved. Have fun up there!


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