Tuesday, February 22, 2011

British twitchers in a twit over rare dove

Oriental Turtle-Dove, photo courtesy Wiki Commons

Well, it seems an Oriental Turtle-Dove has appeared in the gardens of a gentleman in the United Kingdom, causing quite a stir. Hundreds of twitchers - that'd be "listers", stateside - have flocked to the scene to see the admittedly cool-looking dove.

This is apparently only the 2nd United Kingdom record, at least of this subspecies, and birders are going bonkers. The owner of the property where the dove appeared has a definite entrepreneurial bent and is charging birders five pounds apiece - a pound is about equivalent to $1.60 US. Bully for him, and he's giving the entire pot to charity.

Read the article and see a rather amazing photo of the line of dove-seekers RIGHT HERE, courtesy of The Sun.



Birding is Fun! said...

Those crazy Brits! - Oh wait, I'd probably be in line with my buck-sixty ready to go too.

Paul said...

5 pounds is more like $8. All the better for charity!

Jim McCormac said...

Yes, I'm sure if some crazy mega-rarity appeared at someone's Ohio feeder and they charged admission, we'd all be lined up a few hundred deep. And I'm sure there'd be plenty of flaming that someone had the gall to charge to see it!