Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Fall color, finally!

A gorgeous palette of colors paints a pond at Myeerah Nature Preserve in Logan County, Ohio, this morning.

Until the last few days, I'd not seen much in the way of vibrant fall foliage here in Ohio. The Upper Peninsula of Michigan was near peak a few weeks ago (GO HERE for pics), but that was about the only place I'd yet seen colorful fall foliage. Due to weather and temperature, presumably, the colorful signaling of leaves as they announce fall's end and the onset of winter has been late in coming.

The photo above was made at a little known but interesting preserve not far from Bellefontaine. I didn't have much time to explore Myeerah Preserve's 450 acres as I was in the area for something else, but hope to get back. This large pond is an excellent spot for landscape portraits, and should only get more colorful in the coming week.

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