Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Kirtland Bird Club - Wednesday night

A late fall storm clears out of Lake Erie at Fairport Harbor, Ohio. The five Great Lakes are among the most dynamic and diverse freshwater aquatic systems on the globe, and support a staggering amount of biodiversity. Collectively, lakes Erie, Huron, Michigan, Ontario, and Superior harbor 20% of the world's fresh water, and it takes a drop of water entering the system at Superior's upper end 320 years to travel through the system.

I get to travel to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History this Wednesday evening, and present a program on the Great Lakes to the Kirtland Bird Club. We'll take a virtual trip through the Great Lakes, and circle back to the most diverse lake of them all, Erie, which sits but a few miles to the north of where we'll be gathering.

Should you find yourself in Cleveland or vicinity this Wednesday, feel free to stop by. The meeting commences at 7:30, and the Kirtland Bird Club welcomes guests. If you're around earlier, be sure and explore the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, which is full of fascinating exhibits and is a true state and national treasure.

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