Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pinky Rides Again!

You may remember "Pinky", the charming fuchsia-colored katydid that made the pages of this blog back in July, here, here, and here. Not only was Pinky blogged about, the Internet went viral with pinkness as she was twittered and facebooked about, and ultimately featured in a number of newspaper articles. Several thousand people probably saw her image and read about her.

Well, it paid off, as last Tuesday I got a call from Angela Johnson, proprietor of A Natural Place in the Hocking Hills. Angela's daughter had found another pink katydid, and they had remembered the newspaper articles about Pinky. In a fortuitous twist, I had to give a talk in Athens the following day, and the Johnson's place was just off the route that I had to take to get there.

They were good enough to hand the beast over to me, and I am doing my best to provide luxuriant accommodations for Pinky II. This one is another female bush katydid, apparently of the genus Amblycorypha. Pinky I, you may recall, succumbed to the ravages of an internal parasitoid, the larvae of a Tachinid fly. The new pinkster shows no signs of being parasitized, is a full adult, and as we shall see, eats like a horse.

Here she is - every bit as richly hued as her famous predecessor. We've got her housed in an aquarium loaded with a variety of fresh foliage, and she regularly wolfs down on various leaves and flower petals.

In this shot, P II is making mincemeat of a sunflower petal. She really likes these.

The insect is essentially completely and thoroughly pink, other than those odd oval-shaped bluish-white eyes.

This video shows the modus operandi of pink katydid feeding methodology. Pink or green, they probably all eat like this; reminiscent of someone chewing corn off a cob.

I am quite hopeful that Pinky II does well and survives for some time. If so, there may be some grand plans in her future.


Dawn Fine said...

Excellent! I am so pleased you have another pinky!
Will have to tweet this out to twitter in the am.
Long live pinky! long do these critters live?

Jana said...

That is so cool. She's beautiful. May she live long and prosper.

Susan Gets Native said...

Hooray! The Pinkness has returned!

Tricia said...


Heather said...

Wow, 2 Pinkys in one summer?! How rare did you say they are? Very cool, though, of course. Where were you giving a talk in Athens? I wish I would have known you were in town!
See you in a few weeks at MBS!

Jim McCormac said...

Thank you, thank you very much for all of your pink comments. I notice you are all women. It takes a man quite secure with his masculinity to express interest in a pink katydid.

Heather, they are rare, no doubt. One in many many thousands, to be sure. I was in Athens to speak at the Southeastern Ohio Tree Care Conference, about birds and their relationship to trees.