Friday, January 11, 2019

And now for something completely different... light-painting!

A friend of mine has recently become fascinated with various forms of photographic light-painting, and after seeing some of her work, I asked for tutelage. That led to several hours of practice in an improvised darkroom last Monday, and I became hooked. We returned this morning for more attempts, and honed some interesting techniques.

While these sorts of images don't have much to do with the natural history fare that I usually post here, they do help my growth as a photographer. I love shooting nearly every imaginable subject and style, at least those that I have thus far crossed paths with. I think experimentation out of one's bread & butter imagery ultimately helps with thinking out of the box, and will lead to overall better photos no matter the subject.

Anyway, following are some of these recent light-painting creations. 

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