Sunday, November 13, 2016

A parliament of Cedar Waxwings

Too much STUFF has kept me out of the blogosphere of late, or at least much reduced my normal volume of posts. That might continue for a few weeks.

But I've not been idle, and have scads of material. For now, I will leave interested readers with this dignified parliament of Cedar Waxwings, lording over the summit of a tall pin oak. They were part of a flock of about 120 birds at Stage's Pond State Nature Preserve last Friday morning. After the group preening was complete, they descended en masse on lianas of wild grape and plundered the berry crops.

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Lisa Rainsong said...

What a gorgeous photo - and what an amazing number of Cedar Waxwings! The sunlight certainly enhances the warmth of their colors. Thanks for sharing this photo with us.

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