Friday, March 4, 2016

A stunning snowscape

I stepped out into a wintry wonderland this morning. An inch of soft wet snow blanketed everything. The snow's consistency was just so, and it clung to everything it touched. Every branch of every tree was veneered with ivory ice water, and the effect was stunning.

As I crossed the Olentangy River on the Henderson Road bridge, I could stand it no more. A minor tardiness to the office was in order. Fortunately I had the right camera gear with me, so I made a slight detour to Whetstone Park, where the following images were captured.

Opportunities to shoot a snowy landscape like this don't come along all that often. At least around here. And sure enough, by 10 am or so the arboreal snow had largely melted away, leaving me feeling all the more pleased that I had taken to time to capture the ephemeral snowy beauty.

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Auralee said...

Driving through Clintonville that morning was so magical. Thanks for memorializing it.