Tuesday, April 30, 2013

West Virginia birding

A stunning male Luna moth, Actias luna, rests on a wall near the New River in Fayetteville, West Virginia, early this morning.

I'm down here for the week, leading field trips for the New River Birding & Nature Festival, as I've done for about eight years running. It's a fabulous area, full of stunning scenery, fantastic birds, and all manner of interesting flora and fauna. Even though birds are the focus, it's hard for me to focus on them for photography, as I've generally got my hands full with other things.

We see a lot of birds, though. Today's foray, which traversed a gorgeous mountain and ended up along the wild Gauley River, netted our participants all kinds of feathered goodies. Worm-eating Warbler teed up and singing. A half-dozen Cerulean Warblers, most heard, one seen. A bunch of other warblers. Rose-breasted Grosbeaks and Scarlet Tanagers. Four species of hawks. Up close and personal with Yellow-throated Vireos. And much more.

The Mountaineer State's namesake butterfly, the West Virginia White, Pieris virginiensis. We had scads of interesting leps today, and since I just had my macro lens bolted on and slung to the Canon, I made a few images of the little beasts. I'll try and nail some birds to share soon.

More updates to follow...



Terry said...

I wish I could see luna moths more. I have only seen them twice.

Steve said...

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Vada said...

This is cool!