Thursday, April 4, 2013

Birds of Worthington - free program, April 17!

Mark your calendars for the evening of Wednesday, April 17th! Dr. Bernard (Bernie) Master will be presenting a free program, liberally illustrated with beautiful bird images, at the McConnell Arts Center at 777 Evening Street in Worthington, Ohio. CLICK HERE for more information about this beautiful venue, including directions. The program begins at 7:00 pm, but try and arrive by 6:30 and enjoy some wine and cheese, and check out the facility.

Bernie is a uber-birder, and has been for nearly all of his life. A major globe-trotter, he's been to most corners of our earth and has seen about three-quarters of the world's 10,000+ bird species. Not only that, he's one of only three Americans to have seen representatives of all 227 bird families that are currently recognized.

I've known Bernie for 15 years or so, and have had the pleasure of spending time afield with him on many occasions, and visiting his Worthington property. It's the latter that this talk will focus on - he has recorded an astonishing number of birds in his "yard", including mega-rarities such as Kirtland's Warbler and Mississippi Kite. I can't recall the current yard-list total, but it's pushing 200 species, I think. Bernie has kept fastidious notes for many years related to his avian visitors, and has recorded many of them with his camera.

Photo: Bernard Master

I don't think Bernie's yet found Long-billed Dowitcher on his property, but this beautiful photo of one of those shorebirds snapping at a dragonfly gives you a sense of the imagery that you're in for with this program.

Bernie's yard is much more than a yard - it's a suburban sanctuary with a diversity of habitat the wildlife that comes along with that. Be sure and stop on by the McConnell Arts Center on the evening of April 17 and hear Bernie's talk. Hope to see you there!

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