Sunday, January 27, 2013

Quite the cardinal, this one!

Photo: Bruce Hayes

Every now and again, the common becomes decidedly uncommon, and that's certainly the case with this Northern Cardinal, Cardinalis cardinalis. Bruce and Mary Hayes, who live in northwestern Franklin County, Ohio, glanced out their window and were stunned to see this cream and pink showstopper hitting the bird bath. Bruce managed a few photos before the oddball cardinal took flight, not to be seen again.

This Northern Cardinal is leucistic, and I've written about this pigment abnormality numerous times, such as HERE. In fact, CLICK HERE to see a very similar cardinal, which Paul Hurtado found about a year ago elsewhere in Franklin County. Paul's bird is nearly a match for this one, although he found it about four or five miles away. Could it be the same bird? I'm not sure.

Thanks to Mary and Bruce for sharing their find with us!


Hernán Tolosa said...

I think it's the same bird, it`s unlikely a leucistic between birds, less probable this one match perfectly with another in feathers patterns, with another living only 4 miles.

CAT said...

I as well believe this
is the same bird.

pauljhurtado said...

More photos from the end of December 2011 at: