Thursday, August 9, 2012

Conservation Symposium: September 6 - 8

The ever-popular Cleveland Museum of Natural History's Conservation Symposium is looming large on the horizon, and you won't want to miss it! This is the 9th consecutive year for this event, and it's grown into one of the premier natural history events in Ohio.

This year's symposium focuses on forests - very apropos since Ohio was once 95% covered by woodlands - and is entitled Forest Management: Seeing the Forest and the Trees. There'll be various workshops and field trips on Thursday, a full slate of presentations on Friday, and Saturday focuses on field trips, and the symposium's forays into the field are always very interesting.

Keynotes are Dr. Joan Maloof of the Old-growth Forest Network. Her organization is cataloging the last remaining virgin timber stands in the U.S., and Ms. Maloof will speak to us about the importance of old-growth forests and the important role that they play ecologically. Dr. Michael Saunders of Purdue University will discuss "Ten Little Things to Increase Forest Resiliency". Both presentations should be interesting, and eye-opening.

There will be a whole range of forest-related talks Friday morning and afternoon, featuring subjects such as impacts of fire on beetles and moths; invasive earthworms and their (terrible) impact; salamanders; impacts of shale gas development (fracking), and much more. Your narrator will be there, too, giving a program entitled "Wood-warblers: Gems of the Forest. The whole schedule can be seen HERE.

Somehow, they put all of this on and only manage to charge $15.00! Hard to beat, and in addition to the informative and stimulating agenda, you're sure to meet plenty of other like-minded environmentalists. GO HERE to register, and hope to see you in Cleveland!

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