Monday, August 27, 2012

Brown Pelican on Atwood Lake!

Photo: Amy Marie Wahl

I received a report today of a Brown Pelican on Atwood Lake, which is a large reservoir in northeastern Ohio that straddles Carroll and Tuscarawas counties. The one photo that I've seen was taken from some distance, but shows the bird to be a juvenile. I later received the following note from one of the observers:

"The pelican was first spotted on Friday afternoon, August 24. It was seen on Saturday and Sunday also. The photo was taken on Saturday afternoon near the midpoint of the lake, near the island. It was observed on Saturday morning early "fishing" by making repeated dives. These observations were made by numerous persons over the weekend."

I believe the "island" referenced in the note above is the peninsula that juts from the southern shore of the lake at its mid-point. The area outlined in red is the general vicinity of where the sightings have occurred. Good luck if you go for it.

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OPShots1 said...

Very cool sighting, thanks for keeping us informed, Jim!