Monday, April 23, 2012

Red-shouldered Hawks nest in a most appropriate site

Photo: Bill Thompson

Bill Thompson, aka Bill of the Birds, has been photo-documenting a beautiful pair of Red-shouldered Hawks that are nesting in a huge sycamore right outside his office building in Marietta, Ohio. And where does Bill work? Well, he is editor of Bird Watcher's Digest! These birds couldn't have selected a more appropriate place to take up residence.

Bill's been posting about these birds in his blog, and you'll want to follow him. It'll be sort of like watching a nest cam, albeit a sluggish one that uses still pictures. It should be fun and educational to follow these birds as Bill documents the nesting process, and raising of the young. It'll be doubly cool because Red-shouldered Hawks are avian herpetologists - they are especially smitten with catching amphibians and reptiles, snakes included, so we should see some interesting prey items being carted to the aerie.

Follow Bill and the hawks RIGHT HERE.

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