Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fish Crow update

I didn't realize that Michelle Leighty, who like Andy Jones, works at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, also was instrumental in tracking down and documenting Ohio's first nesting record of Fish Crows (the subject of the last post). Sorry about that oversight, Michelle!

Laura Gooch, who lives but a relative stone's throw from the location of these Fish Crows and their nest, made a fascinating observation at her Cleveland Heights house on May 23, 2011. Laura sets up nocturnal recording equipment to document nighttime migrant birds, and made a wonderfully serendipitous recording. She had been out for an early stroll on that May 23 morning, and heard and saw three or four Fish Crows passing over. When she got home and checked her recording equipment - it was still turned on, fortunately - there were the calls of Fish Crows. Listen for yourself RIGHT HERE. Great work, Laura!

One wonders how long Fish Crows have occupied the Shaker/University Heights east side Cleveland neighborhoods, and how many others are in the area.

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