Monday, January 17, 2011

St. Paul Island, Alaska revisited

A majestic Tufted Puffin is the centerpiece of this shot. A miniscule but spunky Least Auklet is in the foreground, staring needles at your blogger, while a Black-legged Kittiwake incubates eggs in the background.

If you're in the Columbus area, and would like to "virtually" visit St. Paul Island in the Bering Sea, feel free to come by the Grandview Heights Library at 1685 West 1st Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43212 at 7:30 pm this Wednesday evening. I'm giving a talk about my experiences on this remote Bering Sea volcanic island for the Columbus Horticultural Society and guests are welcome.

St. Paul Island is a bird-filled, fascinating place that is a four hour flight west of Anchorage. You almost CAN see Russia from there! Tall jagged cliffs support a fantastic array of breeding seabirds, and jumbo Northern Fur Seals wallow on the black sand beaches.

Red-legged Kittiwake, one of the harder North American bird species to see, but not on St. Paul Island.

Hope to see you there!


Photo Bee 1 said...

I agree with you re St Paul I spent 8 days ther this summer. People should enjoy your talk. Looking foward to seeing you again in West Virginia

plainbirder said...

Oh man, can't be there, but would love too!!!!

Russell Reynolds said...

That Puffin is an awesome bird!!