Sunday, January 23, 2011


White Ibis, Corkscrew Swamp, Florida

I have fled the icebox of Ohio, and I'm glad to be out there for a bit, I don't mind telling you. Made the drive down here to Estero - near Naples on the Gulf Coast - Friday and Saturday, and the Buckeye State was frigid when I left. My car's thermometer hit minus 2 several times in Ohio and it didn't get above freezing until southern Georgia. It was only 40 when I hit the Florida line and that's darn cold to the locals. Today only hit the low 60's but it was sunny and felt great to a tundra-boy such as myself.

Anyway, spent the day all over the legendary Corkscrew Swamp, and a few other hotspots near Naples. Lots of great birds and other animals, as well as plenty of cool plants. Tomorrow is a trip into the Gulf to go shark-tagging and I'm sure that'll be a wild ride. Hopefully we'll get a few of the toothy flesh-rippers and if so, you'll see 'em here.

Lots of other tours scheduled for the next week: Everglades, Fakahatchee Strand, excursions for specialties such as Florida Scrub Jay and Red-cockaded Woodpecker, and much more.

Additional postings to follow.


Marvin said...

Sounds as if you have a very full week ahead. Enjoy the warmth! Great shot of the Ibis.

Scott said...

Bring some warm weather back with you. How "buggy" is it in Fla. in the winter ? I've thought about heading that way for some insect photography but I've never seen anyone comment on the winter insects.

Randy Kreager said...

You are getting me excited! We fly down to Fort Myers next Saturday and are staying for one week. I hope to see lots of birds!!