Thursday, May 20, 2010

Presque Isle County, Michigan

I arrived in this incredible northern Michigan county last night, and spent the day today scouting for birds in preparation for some upcoming field trips. I'm here to work with the Nettie Bay Lodge, and a more beautiful place to stay could not be found. Within earshot of my cabin are yodeling Common Loons, singing Whip-poor-wills, dancing American Woodcocks and so much more.

Jack Pine country, and this crop is of just the right age to support Kirtland's Warbler. I stumbled into this area, only about one-half hour away from the lodge and far north of the traditional Mio/Grayling sites where most people go. There were four territorial males right here, along with beautiful territorial Clay-colored Sparrows and many other species of the sandy pine plains.

The main highway in this area, and typical of the roads up here. Next to no traffic!

While taking the photo above, an American Bittern was gurgle-pumping right next to me, in this beautiful glacial lake. Such habitat is common here, and all of the lakes and wetlands have bitterns. And in many cases, Common Loons.

Within a half-hour drive to the east is Lake Huron and some truly spectacular habitats. We were over there this morning and found so many cool plants, birds and insects I can't even begin to describe everything.

The beaches on this part of Huron are rocky cobble and quite showy. You are viewing this cobble through about two feet of water. The waters of the lake are absolutely crystalline.
In a day and a half we're well over 100 species, including 20 or so breeding warblers. More to follow...

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Wil said...

Wow, what a cool place. I am green with envy. Looks like a naturalists dream as well as a nature recordists dream—no traffic.