Friday, January 16, 2009

Skywatch Friday

Skywatch Friday.

Mentor Headlands, Ohio, October 29, 2006. A fearsome storm had just rolled in off Lake Erie, and was still clearing out to the south. To the north were clear blue skies; the southern part of the skyscape was still dominated by ominous black clouds.

For those of you in warm climes, be grateful you aren't in central Ohio right now. Temperatures plummeted to minus 12 degrees fahrenheit here last night. That's bone-cracking cold. Cars don't even work very well at those temps, as joints, bearings, and fluids never really get beyond the sluggish viscous stage. Nonetheless, the world's toughest Baltimore Oriole survived the night and is visiting his patron's feeders today. Go, oriole!

Costa Rica - leaving next Tuesday - has never looked so good!


Dawn Fine said...

Yikes...forget the joints would not work in that cold!
Nice stormy skywatch post.
I am glad you get to leave that cold and go to Costa Rica...I have never been but undertand it is beautiful and birdie...and you must do the zip line..

Denise said...

Jim: What an amazing picture! May I use it for my blog giving you credit and a link to yours? It really is gorgeous!!! Just bought a Nikon D90 SLR today (it's my birthday) with the additional 18-105 VR lens. Plan to add a larger lens down the road.

Jim McCormac said...

Hey dAwN - forget that cold. Wait til you read about the cold we had on yesterday's trip!

And Denise, by all means, feel free to use that photo how you wish, and I'm glad that you like it!


Kathi said...

Costa Rica sounds pretty good right about now.

~Kathi, still cold from yesterday's trip


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