Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Aullwood Bird Workshop

Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm presents -

Mark your calendars for a very special workshop on Aug. 30 , 2007 from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

This fascinating workshop provides naturalists, volunteer teachers and others involved with non-formal education an opportunity to explore complex global and local environmental issues that are impacting neotropical songbird migrants and Audubon’s ten watch-list bird species. Nationally recognized experts such as Kenn Kaufman, prolific author and legend among bird watchers, Jim McCormac, author of Birds of Ohio, Kimberly Kaufman, education director of Black Swamp Bird Observatory, and Patty Rickard from Flying Wild will share their expertise on these critical issues.

Each speaker will provide different perspectives on ornithology, illuminating the problems facing birds along with actions that individuals can take to alleviate these problems. You’ll learn about the decline of neotropical migrants, anthropogenic changes in habitat and climate affecting birds, and specific actions that you can take to raise public understanding about these issues. Presentations will be followed by small group discussions in which each group will generate ideas for reaching and engaging diverse audiences in these issues. This workshop is sponsored by EETAP (Environmental Education Training and Partnerships) and the National Audubon

Ohio’s Rare Birds: Why Are They Declining? - Jim McCormac, ODNR - Division of Wildlife
· Which species are of concern and what are the factors of greatest significance?
· Where are the locations in Ohio that meet the critical needs of birds?

Mentoring Young Birders - Kimberly Kaufman, Black Swamp Bird Observatory
· Learn how to create a community for young birders in Ohio.
· Discover ways to create an interest in natural history and encourage young people to spend time outside.
· What are the best ways to connect young birders with adult mentors - sharing time, knowledge and

Know Your Neighbors: How and Why to Teach Bird ID – Kenn Kaufman, author and field editor for Audubon
· The unknown is all around us, beginning right outside. The power of personal observation can rekindle our sense of wonder if we take time to observe nature. Look at the world of birds and remember that we are surrounded by mysteries!

Flying Wild in the Classroom - Patty Rickard, Council for Environmental Education (Project Wild)
· Discover an exciting educational program that engages middle school students in bird related activities and empowers young people to create birding festivals in their communities.

Participants will be provided with many useful handouts from these specialists and lunch. Attendance is limited to 35 registrants. Books by Kenn Kaufman and Jim McCormac may be purchased in Aullwood’s Nature Store and the authors will be available to personalize books.

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