Thursday, May 25, 2023

Another fawn, spawned in the yard

A very young White-tailed Deer fawn peeks at your narrator from the cover of my front yard garden. I went out to get the mail a few days ago and saw some speckles in the plants just a few feet off the front porch. The little deer is probably only a few days old in this image. A few days later, I glanced out back and the fawn was capering around like a kitten with the zoomies, while the doe kept a close eye on he/her.

Fawns, like THIS ONE, have been born in my yard every year I've been here. That's probably a testimony to the comparative wildness of my property, in contrast to most of my neighbors. I have no problem with suburban deer like these, and I think they know it. Thus, my property is a welcome haven. Many gardeners, somewhat selfishly one might argue, protest the ungulates' depredations of their various garden plants, most of which are nonnative Eurasian species. In other words, we have displaced tons of valuable native habitat to create our neighborhoods, largely replaced the once rich native flora with mostly alien species, and then rise up against the native animals that dare to try and eke out a living in this strange new world.

Have at it, deer, say I.

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