Saturday, January 20, 2018

Photography Exhibition - and talk! Saturday, January 27

Robinson Falls, formerly "Corkscrew Falls", Hocking County, Ohio

Finally, after several untapped opportunities, I am presenting my first public exhibition of photography. The exhibit will be housed at the Lowe-Volk Nature Center in Crestline, Ohio, and will debut Saturday, January 27. It runs through February 24. Thanks to Josh Dyer of the Crawford (County) Park District for the invite, and prod. Also, at 1 pm on January 27 at the same place, I will present a program entitled "A Romp through Ohio's Flora and Fauna". The photo gallery is basically a microcosm of the talk - a showcase of the fascinating biodiversity of Ohio. All are welcome and I hope to see you there!

Scroll on for some examples...

The colorful, architecturally ornate flowers of purple fringeless orchid, Platanthera peramoena

I selected 43 images, all of which were taken in Ohio in 2017. So, the pictures are hot off the press, and cover a wide range of flora, fauna, and landscapes. All of the images will be for sale, neatly mounted on 1/4" foamboard, frame-ready.

Blue Dasher, Pachydiplax longipennis, in flight

It was a challenge entering my archive of thousands of digital photos, spanning nearly 15 years, and selecting just a couple of dozen images. Hence, the decision to only use Ohio material, and only from the year just past.

A mountain chorus frog, Pseudacris brachyphona, rasps out its surprisingly loud song

Many of the photos will be printed at up 16 x 24 inches, to better display the subject. I also plan on having brief descriptions to accompany each image.

A pandorus sphinx moth caterpillar, Eumorpha pandorus, rears its head. It feeds only on members of the grape family

While there is plenty of showy landscapes and well known wildlife, I've peppered the exhibit with many lesser known animals. The underdogs deserve a showing, too.

An Ohio rarity, the "prairie pigeon" Franklin's gull, Leucophaeus pipixcan, is a long distance migrant that breeds primarily in the prairie pothole region of the north-central U.S. and adjacent Canadian provinces

I hope you can stop by and see the photos, and if you can make it next Saturday for the talk, I'll look forward to seeing you! Details about Lowe-Volk Nature Center can be found RIGHT HERE.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jim. Good luck on your exhibition. Gary Wayne

Jim McCormac said...

Thanks Gary!

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