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National Moth Week: July 23 - 29

Stunning and artistic, a virgin tiger moth, Grammia virgo, rests on your blogger's hand. Moths are beautiful and infinitely diverse. More importantly, these insects provide ecological services that are invaluable to most other animals, people included.

The following information comes courtesy of Dr. Davis Horn, professor emeritus at Ohio State University, and widely known as “Mothman”.

National Moth Week – July 23-29, 2012

The time is almost here! National Moth Week is a nationwide celebration of moths and biodiversity, bringing together those interested in moths and raising awareness.  During NMW members of The Ohio Lepidopterists (and others) are invited to join in an all-out effort to see how many moth species we can find in Ohio. There will be organized blacklighting and baiting forays and individuals are welcome to report any moths you find.  Specific events are listed below.

Whether or not you participate in a NMW “event” you are welcome to simply make note of what species you encounter during the week of July 23-29.  If you’re not adept at moth identification, take a picture (or capture the moth).  Note date and location of sightings and send your results to me: e-mail or regular mail to 37 Arden Rd. Columbus, OH 43214.  Yes, caterpillars do count, as does any lepidopteran that washes up, dead or alive, on the north bank of the Ohio River.

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National Moth Week Events

Below is the list of Ohio National Moth Week events known to us at press time.  Some of these events require sign-up in advance and fees may be involved, so check with contact persons.

23 July: Hocking Hills and Columbus.  Deep Woods BioBlitz mop-up, location TBA but most likely at OSU Museum of Biodiversity, sorting samples taken the night before in Hocking Co.  Contact Dave Horn (  (Okay the night before was the 22nd but we didn’t see the samples until the morning of the 23rd.)

25 July: OSU West Campus, 8 PM: Bee Lab and OSU Wetlands.  Free food.  Contact Devon Rogers ( or Dave Horn.

25 July: Kelleys Island.  As part of a comprehensive program requiring preregistration, Judy Semroc and Larry Rosche will operate a moth lighting station.  Contact the Cleveland Museum of Natural History (

25 July, 9 PM: William H. Harsha Lake, Corps of Engineers Visitor Center, Batavia.  Pre-register by July 24 at 513-797-6081.  Contact Linda Romine (see page 2).

27 July: Franklin Park Conservatory, downtown Columbus.  Blacklighting.  Contact Greg Raterman (

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