Friday, December 25, 2020

A rare white Christmas

Looking straight down the keyhole water slide at Indian Run Falls in Dublin, Ohio. This is the beginning of an interesting limestone gorge that drains into the Scioto River.

It seems that white Christmases are rarer, at least in this neck of the woods. Milder winters mean less snow, and often it seems that December 25 is green rather than snow-enshrouded. Yesterday brought several inches of powder, and it was still sprinkling snow this morning. The effect was quite beautiful, so I headed out shortly after dawn into the 14 F air to make images at a few local sites. 

Indian Run, a short distance downstream. The gorge here is quite impressive for the flatlands of Central Ohio. Limestone cliffs hem the stream in, and spring will bring many showy wildflowers, including some rarities.

I personally like winter, when it supposed to be winter, and relish cold snowy days such as this.

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