Sunday, January 28, 2018

A foggy morning

Today dawned with a chill in the air, and a dense cloak of fog shrouding the landscape. I was up and out early to complete some errands, but when I saw the misty ethereal landscape, plans were tabled. Tossed some camera gear in the vehicle, and headed out to attempt to create some fogscape images along the nearby Olentangy River.

As always, click the image to see at full size (it'll look better)

Lonely tire swing


Anonymous said...

DSC_1857.jpeg Jim: we are trying to contact someone to confirm a sighting this morning in our back yard of a Greater White-fronted goose. I have tried to attach a photo taken through the window! Do you think it is an escapee? I look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to contact me on my e-mail Thank you. Kay

Jim McCormac said...

Hi, the photo didn't come though - can't attach one to these comments. I would google "graylag goose" - far likelier one of these would have escaped from captivity and turned up there.

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