Thursday, December 28, 2017

Hocking Hills photo workshop: February 20-22

One of the most scenic regions in the Midwest is the Hocking Hills of southeastern Ohio, and late winter (really, early spring!) is a great time to be there. Debbie DiCarlo and I have planned a field-based photo excursion for February 20-22, and we'll visit some of the most scenic spots. Debbie is a sensational landscape photographer (many other genres, too), and an excellent teacher. Both of us love to work with photographers of all levels, especially those just finding their photographic feet.

To learn more about Debbie and her work, visit HERE. For details on the Hocking Hills trip, CLICK HERE, and for a list and descriptions of our other trips, GO HERE.

Following is a tiny pictorial sampler of Hocking Hills highlights, with brief commentary. Hope you can join us!

The Hocking Hills region is noted for its spectacular sandstone features. This is the inside of Rock House, a sensational cathedral of brightly colored rock.

The boulder-strewn lower gorge at Conkles Hollow. There are numerous gorgeous sites such as this, and winter is perhaps the best time to capture their beauty photographically.

Graceful evergreen hemlocks, Tsuga canadensis, give the Hocking Hills much of its character. Myriad hemlock-lined streams create numerous landscape photography opportunities.

Waterfalls abound, and winter can be the best time to shoot them. Depending on temperatures, spectacular ice formations can occur. Open water or ice, either situation is stunning.

Nearly 80 species of ferns can be found  in Hocking County, and some, such as this maidenhair spleenwort, Asplenium trichomanes, are evergreen. Late winter botanical photography opportunities abound, and we'll learn lots about flora and fauna on this excursion.

Believe it or not, the Milky Way can look like this in Ohio. There are dark skies in the Hocking Hills and if clear skies prevail, we'll try our hands at astrophotography. This is a fun photographic art form with techniques all its own, and DiCarlo excels at capturing the night sky.

CLICK HERE for details, and to register.


Anonymous said...

Within the last 2weeks, while driving east on Route 670 just east of the Grandview Ave exit, I saw what I thought was a bald eagle perched in the tree above the river. I also recently saw, what appears to be a large nest in the same area. Have bald eagles been seen in this area and is that an eagle’s nest? Thanks.


Jim McCormac said...

Yes, I'm told there is a new eagle nest along that stretch of the river, although I've not yet made it down to see it myself.

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