Sunday, July 31, 2016

Pollinator Workshop: August 13, Caesar Creek

An Obedient-plant, Physostegia virginiana, fairly bristles with native pollinating bees. An air traffic controller is practically required to keep the bees from colliding. I made this image this morning at Wahkeena Nature Preserve in Fairfield County. There is a sizable colony of this plant there, and they were swarming with pollinators.

I have been remiss in remembering to plug what will be a fantastic event. On August 13, the Midwest Native Plant Society is sponsoring a pollinator workshop, featuring a start-studded cast of speakers. Following the talks, we head afield to nearby native plant-filled habitats that should be bristling with pollinators. The venue is the roomy visitor's center at Caesar Creek in Wayne County. It's sure to be a fun and informative day. For all of the details, and registration info, CLICK HERE.

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