Thursday, February 5, 2015

OSU Museum Open House! This Saturday!

If you're looking for a fascinating way to spend part of a day - and who isn't? - stop by the Ohio State University Museum of Biological Diversity this Saturday, February 7. From 10am to 4pm, the museum's doors will be open to all; a rare opportunity to visit the fascinating collections that reside within.

The museum's contents are robust. Get a load of these figures:

Mites & ticks (acarology): well over one million specimens
Bioacoustics (sound recordings): over 40,000 - mostly birds, but also insects, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and fish (yes, fish!)
C.A. Triplehorn Insect Collection: over 3.5 million (Million!) specimens (this is worth the visit alone)
Fishes: 10's of thousands, I think
Herbarium (plants): about 500,000
Molluscs: nearly 100,000
Birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles (tetrapods): over 2,000 species

Not only will you get to see all manner of strange and bizarre stuff you never knew existed, the museum's experts - some of the best in the world - will be on hand to answer your every question. Adding to the allure is this year's theme: venoms and poisons! Who wouldn't want to learn more about Nature's deadly toxins, in a safe, fun, and educational way?

Grab the kids, pass the word, and head down to the museum this Saturday. It is conveniently located at 1315 Kinnear Road, Columbus, Ohio 43212. For more details, CLICK HERE for the museum's website.

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