Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Long-tailed Weasel caught on video!

David and Laura Hughes are trail cam masters, and have been getting the coolest video footage that I've ever seen by way of cams. They've got some magical spots in eastern Ohio's Monroe County that are teeming with critters, all of which the Hughes' seem to capture on film.

Brief as it may be, the video below is incredible and shows an animal that is seldom seen by most of us. In all of my time afield, I believe that I've only encountered four Long-tailed Weasels, Mustela frenata, well enough to get any sort of decent look. They aren't rare and occur across Ohio, but weasels are normally nocturnal, and as we shall see, quite speedy.

Note the insane speed with which this weasel locomotes! I wouldn't want to be a mouse or some other lesser creature, and get caught in the sights of this thing!

Thanks as always to Dave and Laura for sharing their stellar work.


jaredmizanin said...

Ha! Super cute! I have only seen one weasel, I believe a Least, in the CVNP. It was super tiny, hunkered underneath a buttonbush along the border of a field/wetland habitat. I hadn't noticed it until I was about on top of it. Didn't seem to concerned with my presence!

And by the way, I have a photo of some roadkill I found in Portage Co. last year. It wasn't too fresh but I think it was a Long-tailed Weasel. If you want to see it and try to ID it, I'll send it to you. But the quality is poor (camera phone) and the specimen pretty crunchy!

Jim McCormac said...

Sure, send it along, Jared: jimmccormac35@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Great video once again. I have only seen two long-tailed weasels in nw ohio. One instance was about five years ago when a weasel was "playing" a game of tag with several chimpmunks. The weasel made the chimpmunks look as if they were in slow motion racing around a wood pile. This weasel was curious enough to come within five feet of me as I sat motionless and amused. The other instance was two months ago when one was caught in a trap on my property. They have a very distinct musky smell that is not easily forgotten. As always another great article, Jim!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jim, I'm from upstate NY, I just came across a long tailed weasel in its white winter coat in my basement. Any suggestions as to what to do with it.
Thanks Ron.

Jim McCormac said...

Wow- bizarre! Herd it into a box or sack and let it go outside! But get some photos!

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