Monday, January 9, 2012

And now, a white-headed cardinal!

My recent posts on Northern Cardinals with aberrant coloration seemed to spark a fair bit of interest, and I've received many notes about other strange-looking cardinals. Here's yet another, and it was so odd in appearance that I begged permission to use the photos here.

Photo courtesy of Jane Simcox

Jane Simcox has had this (for simplicity's sake we'll call it a partial albino) female Northern Cardinal at her Akron-area feeders for a while now, and it's a charmer.

Photo courtesy of Jane Simcox

The bird looks as if it flew headlong into a snow bank! A very strange and distinctive animal, to be sure. I would love to cross it with Mr. Yellowbird in THIS POST. I'm sure the offspring would be remarkable.

Big thanks to Jane for sharing her elegant cardinal.


Elaine said...

Looks like the Red-crested Cardinal in Hawaii.

Wiseoldgranny said...

We have a girl who looks just like this who appeared this week in our small town north of Pittsburgh. Looks like she plans to stick around too!

barbara sampson said...

We have had one of these birds at our feeders since early 2012 in Indianapolis IN


Anonymous said...

I have One in Vienna also

Linda S. said...

I've been researching this bird for over an hour when my daughter ran across this site. I have one hanging around our feeder with the other cardinals, in Troup, Tx.

JSirotti Vicksburg, MI said...

My parents have one of these unusual cardinals at their home in Boltonville, WI. I was able to see it over the holidays-lovely!

Anonymous said...

We have several variations in Huntingtown, Maryland. last year we had a female with white cheeks. We now see two different females with full white heads.We assume that they are descendants.3