Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mississippi Kite and kitelet

Quick update on the Hocking County Hide-A-Way Hills Mississippi Kite nest. Melissa Krygier, who has a place in HAWH, has been monitoring these beautiful raptors, and sent along three photos showing their progress. These were taken last Saturday, July 9, and they show a very young, quite fuzzy young kite high in its nest. Normally there'd be two hatchlings - there were two last year - but it appears only one youngster has emerged.

Photo: Melissa Krygier

Our very juvenile kite, a bit of white fuzziness high in its flimsy heronlike nest.

The sharp-eyed baby spots one of the adults and begins to emit its high keening pipes: "hurry, hurry, I'm starving!"

Photo: Melissa Krygier

A hardworking adult flies in and stuffs a morsel into Junior, which will satisfy it for about four or five minutes.

Photo: Jim McCormac

One of last year's kitelets tests its wings. If all goes well, the young kite in Melissa's photos will be conducting test flights in a month or so. The photo above was taken on August 22, 2010 - the date of our first "Kite Day", made possible by HAWH residents Elizabeth vanBalen Delphia and her husband Michael, who have been excellent ambassadors for these rare - in Ohio - raptors.

We hope to have another Kite Day in about a month from now, when Junior Kite is out of the nest and free-flying, yet still being fed by the adults. That's the easiest time to observe the birds, without causing any disruption to them. Stay tuned for details.

Thanks to Melissa for sharing her photos.

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