Monday, March 15, 2010


The grounds of Rincon Suizo, Guatemala. Our breakfast this morning at their fabulous restaurant was preceded by a hike through interesting oak-pine forest. Just standing in the clearing above yielded sensation birds, including the following warblers: Crescent-chested; Wilson's; Black-and-white; Red-faced; Townsend's; Olive; Hermit; and Slate-throated Redstart. And... Pink-headed Warbler, one of the world's truly outrageous birds!

In just a day and a half we've already racked up a big list, and there's much more to come. I'm writing this from the remote hinterlands of the Guatemalan highlands, at a place called Los Andes Reserve. This place is a stunner.

A terrible pic, but you can get the idea of the outlandish coloration of the Pink-headed Warbler. This bird did allow for great looks by the entire group.


Anonymous said...

my mom is with you.....Judy Hendrick. We haven't heard from her, but we hope she is having fun!! Well, we hope your whole group is having fun!!

Dave Lewis said...

GUATEMALA?! How could you leave Ohio just as spring has sprung?
Never mind...stoopid question...
Have a great time!

Anonymous said...

Once again I must say my mom Judy Hendrick is greatly missed at home....she is such fun to be around and we all love her, and she is so lucky to be able to experience Guatemala......I hope everyone gets a chance to know how great she is and what a great birder she is!! My name is Tina Hall:)