Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Head-clipping Weevil

Thanks to Janet Creamer, we have a name for the coneflower-decimator in the previous post. It appears to be the interestingly named Head-clipping Weevil, Haplorhynchites aeneus.

They don't just weave their magic on coneflowers, either - these bizarre sawbills ply their trade on a variety of sunflowers and other things Asteraceous.

READ HERE for a fascinating series of photos of the Queen of Hearts (Off with their heads!) wannabe.



Tom said...

I forgot to check today, but we've had weevils at the state fair prairie that snip off the stems of the Prairie Dock just below the inflorescence. I'm wondering if it's the same species.


Kelly said...

Wow! I thought squirrels had decapitated my sunflowers, but now I bet it was this little guy. Interesting.

Janet Creamer said...

Hey Jim,

Great pictorial on the weevil. And,thanks for adding me to your blog roll!